The Free Easter Super Sniffer Challenge!

I wanted to say Happy Easter and give you and your dogs something fun to do
Did you know that your dog has up to 300 million olfactory scent receptors in his nose, whilst you have a measly five million?

So we are going to give them some fun and use their noses to find them some Easter Treats I have hidden. They will hidden around Otley Chevin Forest Park, I will post updates on my Facebook Page BUT if you want the secret cheat sheet with the clues all you have to do is sign up below.

The fun will start at 12 noon!

IMG_7669.jpg FDM-gift-vouchers-web.jpg pexels-off-lead-beagle.jpeg

As an expert in teaching recall, currently writing a book about how to have a great off lead dog, I know how important it is to keep your dog engaged with you. Having a great relationship with your dog and being more fun is vital to having a dog who wants to stay with you on walks.

The mission: to make your dog walks more fun and have dogs who stay and play with their owners instead of vanishing, running away, refusing to come back or generally being badly behaved and embarressing out on walks.

The challenge: I will be hiding 24 Plastic Easter eggs which will all contain presents for your dogs. To find them your dog will have to use his amazing sense of smell.  They all contain toys your dogs will love, whilst  a couple of extra specail eggs will contain a £50 and a £25 gift voucher!

Sign up below for the clues to help you find the eggs, after the event you will also get my weekly emails with free training tips, stories and useful dog related information to help you and your dog


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